Qatar highly motivated to achieve aim of self-sufficiency

  • 8 months   ago
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After four Gulf nations severed ties with Qatar, the county looks highly motivated to achieve aim of self-sufficiency.

The confidence Qatar has shown in the last six months has even been a major factor in attracting a lot of global firms to join its ambitious Self-sufficiency Exhibition scheduled in April, 2018.


In this regard, David Rosenberg CEO and Co-Founder stated that his company has presented their technology of indoor farming to Qatar and local businessmen have expressed interest in associating, as reported by Qatar Tribune.

The official explained the technology of indoor farming to grow vegetables without sun or soil, in a fully-controlled indoor environment can prove very beneficial to Qatar given its geographical conditions.  

This technology ensures that all their produce is available year-round, consistent price, longer shelf life, less shrink, safely grown, wide variety, customizable mixes and no weather issues, points out that Rosenberg.