Organic Locally Grown Products at the Weekly Market in Education City

  • 11 months   ago
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A weekly market is being hosted in Education City aiming to deliver organic and locally grown products, this initiative is taken by Qatar Foundation (QF) in collaboration with Torba Farmers Market.


This market will be open to the general public from November 16th, at QF's Ceremonial Court, is reachable from gate 2, each Thursday from 9am-4pm and each Friday from 8am-11am and 2pm-5pm. 

Machaille al-Naimi, president of Community Development, QF, stated: "We're pleased to partner with Torba Farmers Market. At QF we make sure that sustainability is an integral piece of the everyday life of local residents and this partnership won't just give access to locally grown products, yet in addition assist promoting the significance of healthy lifestyles.” 

The name 'Torba' is derived from Arabic, and signifies "the pure soil that feeds, nourishes, and nurtures." An extensive variety of fresh, locally grown products will be on offer, including natural products, homemade preserves and butters, and in addition handicrafts and planting supplies.