MoPH Confirms Reduction in usage of Salt by 30% in all Bakeries

  • 6 months   ago
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A new statement by the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has confirmed that all the bakeries in Qatar are committed to the voluntary initiative to reduce the use of salt by 30 per cent.

Dr Al Anoud bint Mohammed Al Thani, manager of Health Promotion and Non-Communicable Diseases at MoPH, stated that the ministry cooperated with various bakeries around the State to decrease the use of salt in their baking, as reported by The Peninsula.


She underlined the success of the initiative saying these bakeries reduced the usage from 20 per cent to 30 per cent in their production as part of a non-binding initiative. 

The ministry periodically inspects the dough used in the production as well as the bread,   which confirmed that the bakeries have reduced salt in baking, the official pointe out. 

The initiative of reducing salt intake comes as part of the goals of the Qatar National Nutrition and Physical Activity Action Plan 2017-2022, which is complementary to the efforts of the ministry to usher in a healthy lifestyle.