MoI explains procedure; Sample of Permanent Residency ID unveiled

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The Ministry of Interior held a question and answer session on Monday, clarifying the systems for giving the Permanent Residency Card. 

The meeting was gone to by Brigadier Mohammed Ahmed Al Ateeq, Director General of Passports and Brigadier Salem Saqr Al Muraikhi, Director of Legal Affairs Department. 


Amid the meeting an example of the Permanent Residency Card was appeared. 

The Permanent Residency cardholders will be dealt with as Qatari in government social insurance and instructive offices in the nation according to the conditions that will be connected. 

Lasting Residency cardholder can remain in the district without a business or host, exit and come back to the nation whenever and can put resources into different segments of the national economy and possess land for private and venture reason. 

"Changeless Residency Law was issued as a thankfulness and respect for the exiles who have spent long a very long time in Qatar and it gives them certain rights and benefits," Brig Al-Muraikhi said. 

With respect to system one can apply for the PR card, Brig Al-Muraikhi said that the application accommodation will be through the Ministry of Interior site or one of its electronic applications. The applications will be subjected to legitimate survey and consistence to meet all necessities by lawful evaluators of the Committee. At that point the applications will be submitted to the Committee which will issue its suggestions on such applications. If there should arise an occurrence of endorsement, the applications will be alluded to General Directorate of Passports to issue Permanent Residency Card. 

He brought up that particular and clear criteria will be set up by the skilled specialists to execute these measures to guarantee the usage of the law to accomplish its motivation and give more offices and administrations to occupants who have a Permanent Residency card. 

Toward the start of the meeting, Brig Al Muraikhi noticed Qatar's persistent endeavors to give better administrations to natives and inhabitants. He said that the possibility of Permanent Residency Card has been in progress for quite a while, and was not the aftereffect of a particular occasion. 

"The authorities in the nation constantly needed to give better administrations to those living on this land," he pushed. "The significance of the Permanent Residency (PR) Card lies in its thankfulness and acknowledgment of a few classifications of long haul occupants while it is an expansion to central established ideas as it shows up plainly in the discourses of HH the Amir when the national are matched with the inhabitants." He additionally included. 

He additionally noticed that this activity will build the speculation and draw in more capital prompting the monetary development in the nation while the State can profit by the people with extraordinary capabilities too. 

The point was additionally to discover components to give a superior support of the inhabitant who is equipped and giving. Too, there are classes that are important to the state, for example, the Qatari youngsters, he said. "Thus, this law was produced and different experts in the nation talked about it before it was issued at last two or three days back. It will be actualized once it is distributed in the Official Gazette," he clarified.

Brig Al Muraikhi explained the conditions for granting PR card:

1. The applicant should have a continuous normal legal residency in Qatar for 20 years if born outside and 10 years if born in the country, provided that the period of residence is consecutive and prior to the date of applying for a PR permit. The clause of continuous stay is not undermined by the applicant staying outside the country for 60 days in a year. In all cases, this period shall be deducted from the time calculated as residency in the country.

2. The applicant should have enough income to meet his needs as well as his dependents.

3. The applicant should enjoy good conduct, and reputation, and have not been convicted by a final ruling inside Qatar or outside Qatar in crimes that undermine honesty, trust and fame unless he was reinstated to his former status. 

4. The applicant should be fluent in Arabic language.

The following categories are exempted from the above conditions:

1- The children of a Qatari woman married to a non-Qatari man.

2- The non-Qatari husband of a Qatari woman

3- The non-Qatari wife of a Qatari man

4- The children of Qataris by naturalization.

5- Individuals who have done great services to the country

6- Individuals with special competencies needed by the country.

The rights and privileges of the PR card holder are as follows: 

1- The PR cardholder may receive treatment and education in government institutions within the State in accordance with the conditions and regulations.

2. The spouse of the cardholder and his or her children shall enjoy the privileges granted to the PR cardholder pertaining to residence, health and education until the age of 18 years.

3. The holder of the Permanent Residency card shall have the right to invest in the activities of the national economy sectors without a Qatari partner. The establishment of the company shall be in accordance with the law governing the law of commercial companies.

4. The PR cardholder may own real estate for housing and investment according to the conditions and regulations.

5- The cardholder may leave the country and return to it during the period of its validity without obtaining any consent or permit.

Disclosing the measures taken to actualize the Law by the Ministry of the Interior, he said that a working gathering has been set up to set up the usage of this law through the readiness of the vital choices to execute it and to choose the central station and organize the essential human and specialized assets and electronic projects. 

A few gatherings were held with various law requirement specialists, to be specific the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Economy and Trade, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Municipalities and the Environment as a major aspect of the execution, he included. 

Brigadier Al Ateeq said that the Ministry of Interior depends on giving its administrations through an electronic framework. Accordingly, an electronic system has been worked to actualize this law and has been attempted and tried. 

"An advisory group has been shaped in light of this law, which will choose these applications, get them, talk about them and issue the significant choices", he said. 

Brig Al Ateeq called attention to that a working group was shaped to actualize the components that will get the applications and hand over the cards in case of the finish of their systems. Too, a PR card application shape has been set up with every required datum, he included.