Meet Sajjad Abdul Kader an Appreneur in Middle East, Co-founder of Goshop App

  • 2 years   ago
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Huge Malls with massive floor space always confuse visitors who are not a regular at a particular mall resulting in wasting considerable amount of time just for locating the outlet you are looking for.  Sajjad came up with an innovative idea, GoShop that lets users to easily navigate around the mall using indoor maps.

As big and luxurious malls are coming up, finding the perfect mall according to your shopping needs has become difficult, says Sajjad. The GoShop App is the deal; it is a social Mall finder App that lets you explore all the shopping options in your city.

Sajjad Abdul Kader, Co-Founder of Goshop App. He is an entrepreneur and a great motivator with significant experience across many industries. 

He believes that Middle East is renowned as a global shopping destination, especially Dubai which has one of the highest Smartphone penetration in the world, so they just provided a platform to meet the current demand in the market.

GoShop currently targets UAE and Qatar, Sajjad said, UAE is one of the prime destinations for shopping. Millions of people visit Dubai yearly for business and leisure. Basically we planned to launch the App in UAE alone considering the number of malls and the population. Being Doha our second home and a sheer number of malls are ready to open like Mall of Qatar, Al Hazm Mall etc, we planned to expand our network in Doha as well.

We are committed to make shopping experience better. We are confident that Goshop will be a great companion for each shoppers and serve what the users need, he added.

The App is currently available in IOS and Android. People flying to UAE or Qatar from other countries can explore the malls virtually even before they land.

App has received immense response as per Sajjad. He said, all are happy to see a platform like this which is not available in the current market. We are constantly updating our data to have users a better experience.

Goshop is currently available in UAE and Doha. But they are expanding their network to whole of GCC, Far East and USA soon.  They have released only phase 1 of the App which has features like Local Feeds, Go Feeds, Indoor map, Gallery, Review/Rate, etc. They have also integrated Uber API in the App where a user can directly book a cab through Goshop.

We have many plans in the loop like Live Navigation, Locating your vehicle, Live chat with the retailers etc, Sajjad added.


As per Sajjad they are also in the process of developing a Business App for retailers and Mall owners to access Analytics and interact with their customers. 

They aspire to create a virtual mall experience for the users where they can get done anything inside a mall in fingertips.

Currently almost 71 Malls in UAE and 14 Malls in Doha are listed in the App

Sajjad says, we are soon expanding within Doha to cover Barwa Village, Pearl Qatar and other shopping points.

They believe that customer is the King, We are happy to serve them better.