British parliamentarian gets $20,700 to hold anti-Qatar conference in London

  • 8 months   ago
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In a rather shocking incident, a British parliamentarian was paid £15,000 ($20,700) to help organise an anti-Qatar conference in London.

According to a report filed by Buzzfeed,  Daniel Kawczynski, a conservative politician, pocketed the sum, despite telling reporters he was only attending the conference to learn about the Qatari opposition.


Qatar's alleged sponsorship of “terrorist groups” was one of the main subjects at the London conference.

Hosted by Khalid al-Hail, a 29-year-old Qatari national, the conference was described by analysts as an attempt to gather support for a coup in Qatar.

In act, Kawczynski, dubbed the Saudi member for his support of the monarchy, declared receiving two payments of 7,500 pounds ($10,370) from a company linked to Hail's wife, Tatiana Gisca.

However, Kawczynski he did not believe the boycotting countries financed the conference, reports Buzzed.