Balanda Imports New Set of 3200 Holstein Cows

  • 6 months   ago
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A video has been released by Baladna, the company at the forefront of making Qatar self-sufficient in milk and allied products post the siege, which shows cows being moved to waiting trucks at Hamad Port. 


The video was upload with a caption which read, “Here at Hamad port, in the city of Mesaieed,  arrived 3200 Holstein cows and preparations are underway to start the process of loading the cows to our country farm (towards achieving self-sufficiency),” as reported by The Peninsula.

It is being anticipated that the Qatari market will become self sufficient in dairy products by Ramadan, in about two months’ time. 

With the latest initiative the country’s efforts to fight the illegal siege imposed by Saudi-led alliance will be strengthened. 

Earlier, when the blockade was announced, the milk company imported 4,000 cows from the United States and Europe, which resulted to be a success.

It may be mentioned that Qatar had primarily relied on dairy product imports from Saudi Arabia importing 400 tons of milk and yoghurt.