Cannes 2018: Kristen Stewart breaks 'high-heels-only' rule, goes barefeet on red carpet

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It was one of the strangest stories out of Cannes 2015, one alternately dubbed “Flatgate” and “Heelgate” (depending, apparently, on which kind of shoe you thought was more maligned) by members of the press and resulting in a flurry of back-and-forth regarding red carpet expectations and a long-standing black-tie requirement for some of the festival’s most glamorous events.


It kicked off with the premiere of “Carol,” when a producer with a foot injury was denied entry because her flat footwear wasn’t up to snuff, an oft-reported story soon followed by other anecdotes about women being turned away from Cannes evening screenings because they were not wearing sky-high shoes. Emily Blunt, at the festival for her “Sicario” was asked about it during a press conference, during which she offered up her own thoughts on the mini-scandal.

“Everyone should wear flats, to be honest,” Blunt said. “We shouldn’t wear high heels anyway, that’s my point of view. You kind of think that there’s these new waves of equality and waves of people realizing that women are just as fascinating and interesting to watch, and bankable.”

Soon, Variety reported that festival director Thierry Fremaux had attempted to clear up the requirements for Cannes red carpets, saying, “Nobody is obligated to wear heels on the red carpet. One of our agents screwed up, and we apologized right away.” (Too bad then that it was more than just one “agent” who had turned away women because of their footwear.)

Still, it’s been a persistent rumor for years that high heels are a requirement for women on the red carpet, and even a casual glance around evening screenings at Cannes reveal that most female guests are still sporting them. Not so for Kristen Stewart, who chucked her high heels at last night’s “BlackKklansman” premiere, either because she’s still smarting from the rumored flat-shoe ban or she simply got sick of wearing them on a rain-soaked carpet. (Stewart has never been one to stick to the dress code script, even at Cannes.)

KristenStewart'BlacKkKlansman' premiere, 71st Cannes Film Festival, France - 14 May 2018 WEARING CHANEL

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