President of Philippines Asks to Unite Against North Korea

  • 11 months   ago
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On Tuesday Oct. 10, President Rodrigo Duterte requested to Philippines government partners to join against North Korea supreme leader Kim Jong-un, in a bid to show their power as cited in filipinotimes. 


The president addressed the media saying "We emphasize our full assistance with our Australian friends, Americans, and even Chinese, Malaysian, to show to this one person that he needs to quit threatening the world". 

Duterte included that the North Korea leader runs the risk of getting destroyed first. 

North Korea has initiated a number of missile tests this year, also fired a couple of missiles over Japan in August and September. 

As per the US National Air and Space Intelligence Center, an intercontinental ballistic missile (tested by North Korea) can achieve a target object that is more than 5,500 km away, which is generally the distance between the Philippines and Pakistan. 

Duterte said these weapons "would crush Southeast Asia quickly, and the Philippines is no special case".