Mothers Love : OFW sends bags of her breast milk to Philippines to feed her 2 babies

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Felirose Bartolome, a foreign overseas Filipino worker, has been tagged for gadget gadgets or branded clothes for his two children left in the Philippines.

In a cooler coated with a packaging tape, Bartolome regularly sends her breastmilk bags to her children-a sign of her love, tired and perseverance in the family. 


"Comforting for me is emotionally because at least they are far from me. I am still providing them the best of me, my nutrients and antibodies in the milk," Bartolome said, with a 2-year-old and 6-month-old son in the Philippines .

Aside from the economics of formula milk, Bartolome fully believes in the natural benefits of breastmilk to his children such as strengthening their immune system.

Bartolome was almost eight years working as a medical technologist at a Singapore hospital.

In a big cooler, 40 packs of breastmilk of about 180 ml are put into place.

"Always check-in luggage, it's not here in Singapore to send frozen product and it's hard to handle even though it's in the cooler box of milk," he said.

Whenever there is opportunity, Bartolome sends out to friends who have collected breastmilk for children.

He asks for a cooler to get him a 20-kilo extra baggage on the airline's vehicle to make sure.

"Actually, I'm not thinking about the cost while sending my milk, I have a supportive husband so I just want to give myself to my children through my breastmilk, even though I can give them even if I'm away," he said. .

She also forces her to return to the Philippines every month to personally carry breast milk. Otherwise, her children go to Singapore with her mother.

Additionally she supplies frequent drinking water, soup that includes lunch and dinner, fenugreek capsule, and lactation cookies.

Here are tips for mothers who are far from children and want to try to send their saved breastmilk:

  • Make sure sterilized breastmilk bags are to be used

  • Do not fill the bag because it is possible to tear when frozen

  • Put the breastmilk bags to save space in the freezer

  • If you send, use a solid cooler, especially if it is likely that it will rock like a normal airport baggage 

  • Use a medical-grade gel type ice that can take up to 18 hours

In her case, nearly 14 hours of her breastmilk ride from Singapore to their home in Dasmariñas, Cavite. 

This includes four hours of flight, shifting immigration up to baggage claiming, and the trip of his parents who are getting money from Manila airport until their home is still in traffic.

"But so far, my milk is coming home but it's still very frozen," she said.

Bartolome is grateful to her parents who support and encourage her whenever she comes to the point that she is tired of her breastfeeding journey.

"Thank you for all the support you give me, for all the advice and wise words you say to me. Thank you for supporting my breastfeeding journey with my kids. 'Do not stop when I'm milked,' she thanked her mother. 

Her mother wants to breastfeed only to give her children because they do not get sick, grow up and grow smart.

"Thank you very much for taking care of my children, to embrace them every night when they are asleep. I'm still in the mood for them to feel the warmth of my hug," he said. "I'm very grateful to God for having I'm very loving and supportive parents. " 

For some of his working moms, Bartolome's advice: "Just keep on pumping, mommas!" Do not give up and find a way to pump it often, he said.

"Just look at your baby's photos and videos while pumping. Happy thoughts make more let down and eventually more milk," he advised. 

Do not stress especially the mothers who work but go home with their children.

"Unlike me, it's just a video call but it still gives me strength to keep on going," Bartolome said.