India catches 'Pakistani spy pigeon'

  • 3 months   ago
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The ‘suspicious’ bird was caught on the Indo-Pak border and Twitter reacted

India has guaranteed to have gotten a 'Pakistani government operative pigeon' and online life is thinking that its silly. 

Indian authorities said on Monday, June 11, that the feathered creature was found close to the Indo-Pak fringe with "markings on its body" that were halfway in Urdu,reported the BBC news channel. 


A young person from the town of Manwal, near the outskirt, found and took the pigeon to the closest police headquarters where the animal was X-rayed. 

Albeit nothing suspicious was found on the feathered creature, the police have kept it in authority and it has clearly been logged as a "suspected government operative" in the zone's authentic police journal. 

The news rapidly spread via web-based networking media and clients couldn't get enough of the feathered 'spy' in Indian care.

American comedian Jeremy McLellan with the Twitter handle, @JeremyMcLellan, posted: “Another one of my agents captured behind enemy lines. We will not forget you.”

Replying to McLellan, Twitter user @iamMir_ took the opportunity to exercise his sarcasm. He wrote: “Should be awarded a medal by the govt of Pakistan for passing into the enemy lines and sharing top secret details with us. Your sacrifice for the nation will long be remembered Mr. Pigeon 007 from elite Spy Regiment.”
Tweep @TheEagle_PDF joked: “Unfortunately, we lost one of our brave captain ghutargoo from suicide squad, to the legends of #Indian authorities. We will remember you as a hero and will remember your services forever....”
However, some tweeps did not find the ordeal funny.
Tania Saeed or @taniasaeed tweeted: “This is not satire, no. I wish it was satire but no. We really have fallen down the rabbit hole. Come on earthlings, we can do better. (I do feel bad for the pigeon)…”
Such incidents are not uncommon between the two South Asian states. Indian authorities have captured ‘Pakistani spy pigeons’ several times, and it has become an ongoing joke on social media.
Earlier this year, in April, Twitter user @zaineyy_ had asked: “How Indian are you?” To which, another user, @Saniyazing replied: “I arrest [a] pigeon thinking it’s a Pakistani spy.”