Eman Ahmed, Once Heaviest Woman in the World, Dies in Abu Dhabi

  • 12 months   ago
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Eman Ahmed, who once weighed around 500 kilograms, died in Abu Dhabi where she was undergoing treatment. The 37-year old Egyptian was suffering from complications in heart and kidney. 


Eman, a native of Alexandria in Egypt, was earlier treated in a hospital in Mumbai, India. She reportedly lost around 324 kgs during her stay in Mumbai’s Saifee Hospital from February to May. She was undergoing physiotherapy at Abu Dhabi's VPS Burjeel after that.

A controversy also hit headlines during her stay in India with her sister alleging the hospital misleading them about the treatment. She claimed that the treatment was unsatisfactory and hospital was using Eman for publicity. 

The hospital, however, rejected these allegations saying that her sister only wants to prolong Eman’s stay in hospital. It also added that the treatment was completely free. 

Eman was never gone out of her house for more than two decades due to the weight. She also suffered a paralyzing stroke a year ago.