16-year-old Filipina Molested By Employer And Starved By Recruitment Agency In Saudi Arabia

  • 6 months   ago
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A Filipina in Saudi Arabia allegedly escaped from her employer after the later tried to molest her. But instead of helping the victim, her recruitment agency located in Saudi Arabia starved her.



The victim, who was identified only as SarapiaAlim, rushed to her recruitment agency for help after her employer’s son tried to sexually harass her.

Her suffering didn’t end on that. Instead of help, Venos Recruitment Agency took all the money that she have and even starved her.

The incident prompted her cousin to post on Facebook. According to her, Alim was able to develop a swollen heart and vomited blood following the incident.

Her cousin also claimed that the agency manipulated the age of her cousin who was still 16-years old so she can work abroad.

The post instantly went viral and Alim received the much-needed help. She was repatriated safely in the Philippines.

The agency has yet to release their side of the story.