Tips to Make Your Stay Legal in Qatar and Avoid Being Questioned by Authorities

Tips to Make Your Stay Legal in Qatar and Avoid Being Questioned by Authorities By Darlene Regis - July 14, 2021

Qatar Residence Law

How do you know if your stay in Qatar is legal? How to avoid facing legal charges in the country?

The Search and Follow Up Department (SFD) of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) provides some significant tips to ensure that you are legally permitted to live, work, or stay in Qatar and keep yourself free from penalties, which will lead you to questioning by the concerned departments.

Scroll down to learn more about the entry policies for those entering Qatar with different types of visas.

Advice for Expatriates

For Those Who Arrive in Qatar on Work Visa 

Before your entry to Qatar

• Confirm the validity of your passport (6 months before your travel).

• Confirm that you have a work permit in Qatar.

• Read a copy of your labor contract.

• Don’t pay any fee for a visa.

• Ensure that you are free from infectious diseases like Aids/ HBsAg / VDRL etc.

• Get a police clearance certificate (lack of criminal background).

• Secure attestation of your certificates and other related documents.

• Bring experience certificates (If available).

• Approach the Qatar Embassy in your country in case of any problem.

• Confirm the travelling date and inform your sponsor about the arrival date in advance.

After Your Entry to Qatar

• Keep a copy of the attested labour contract with you.

• Submit all documents to the sponsor to complete the procedures of issuing residence permit.

• Care to get the ID card which proves your identity, personal number and your legal stay and always carry your ID card with you.

• Adhere to the customs and traditions of this country.

• Approach the nearest security department’s office for any help.

For Those Entering Qatar on Tourist Visa

• Confirm the validity of Passport (6 months before your travel).

• Confirm the issuance of a tourist visa.

• Advance booking in a hotel in Qatar and 5,000 QAR or any equal amount of this with you is required to arrive in Qatar on Tourist Visa.

• Adhere to stay with your Sponsor.

• Leave the country as soon as the validity of the Visit Visa is expired.

• Please beware that you are not allowed to work.

For Those Entering to the Country on Business Visa

• Confirm the validity of Passport before your trip.

• Adhere to the purpose of your visa.

• Adhere to the period of validity of your visa.

• Leave the country as soon as the visa expires.

Instructions for Residents

1. Approach the competent authorities within 30 days from the date you entered the country to complete the residency procedures.

2. Work only with your employer and do not leave him violating the law.

3. Adhere to the terms of the employment contract.

4. Follow the general customs and traditions of the country.

5. Adhere to the laws in force in the country.

The Search and Follow Up Department is one of the specialized departments under the General Directorate of Passports and Expatriates Affairs at the MoI, which is the competent department responsible for the implementation and enforcement of the provisions of Law No. 21 of 2015 regulating the entry, exit, and residence of the expatriates.

To deport violators of the laws from this country as it is required by the law for organizing expatriates and their residence in Qatar, SFD provides a centre for keeping persons who have been sentenced for deportation in custody while their final procedures are still pending.

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By Darlene Regis - July 14, 2021

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