Bill Megelich opines on Customer Relationship Management best practices for small businesses in 2019

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New York, April 25: Four months have passed into the New Year, 2019, and the industry is still trying to understand and predict the biggest business factors that would dictate business practices this year. Seeking answers, before making important business decisions, is important and who better to clarify the doubts than Bill Megelich, who has years of experience into Customer Relationship Management on an organizational level.

Over the years Bill Megelich has worked closely with the Customer Relationship Management processes for small and medium organizations throughout USA. He has helped many organizations straighten up and create powerful Customer Relationship Management processes. That is why his views on the matter do really matter.

Business competition, especially in the SMB (Small and Medium Business) sector intensifies with every passing year and the entrepreneur across the nation should not expect any less in 2019. It would be fierce than ever and small contracts or projects would mean a big deal for small businesses. The larger organizations would have recourse to many new offerings and technologies. They would utilize these to drive business profits. So, it all comes down to retaining present customers/clients,” said Bill Megelich.

Converting business leads and acquiring new contracts would be a time consuming and a challenging affair, no matter which business domain is referred to. So, holding on to the past and loyal customers is very important. Your loyal customers would be at the center of a tug of war. They would be enticed by other brands and some might fall for the lure. But small businesses need to stay aggressive about their Customer Relationship Management practices. The organizations who are most diligent would be able to hold on to their existing customer base at the dawn of 2019. And that could be the differentiator between an organization that grows and one that stagnates or worse still falls back in the race!” revealed Bill Megelich.

According to Bill Megelich, “There are exciting scopes opening up in the Customer Relationship Management process and the SMBs have to adopt them at the earliest. New software and new philosophies are emerging and the fastest adopters would stand a chance to excel. For the big organizations are also on the lookout for such aids to better their already well-structured Customer Relationship process. Existing practices in the CRM domain such as click to call, live dashboards and collaboration tools would be revamped with new functionalities and that would ease some of the time consuming tasks business level customer relationship managers have to perform every day at work.”

Click to call has been helping the businesses address consumer issues within the shortest time lapse. It has also been effective in keeping the customers happy and reinforcing their trust in the brands. That has promoted high customer loyalty. But the process needs to get more efficient at that. In the past years, SMBs have suffered from the lack of coordination between the service representatives and the end delivery teams. That gap can be easily filled with the aid of a latest CRM software. Such tools would enable organizations to tie up essential departments within the organization within a single dashboard. This would mean the customer issues and complains are not only solved quickly, they are solved efficiently as well. Loose ends often come back to haunt the small businesses, in regards to their CRM. Engagement with the aid of new technology would enable organizations to provide a broader level of satisfaction to the customers. It would avoid any loose ends at all,” feels Bill Megelich.

Live Dashboards on the other hand, have served the task of instant gratification for the customers. They get the solution, as soon as they need it. But Live Dashboards could also get better with the help of right technology implementations. Today’s customers are a busy going and impatient lot, and they have an abundance of options (in terms of your business competitors). So, the first contact is very essential. If the first contact remains vague, there is a distrust building among the customers. And that distrust could lead to a loss of business in no time at all. So, there is an imminent need to better conversations on the first contact and this could be only done with the aid of well-informed customer relationship professionals, who have a wealth data at their discourse. If the present dashboards used by customer relationship professionals could be populated with every important bits and pieces of information/data that could help them create a great first impression upon being contacted by the customer, then half the battle is won. But even then, the time lapse between first contact and the solution should be low. And this would be brought about by the implementation of a robust multi-team collaboration tool,” opined Bill Megelich.

As I see it, the role of good collaboration tools would be huge for organizations. Whether it is tying multiple locations under one common thread or allowing multiple departments to collaborate at one place. When time saving and efficiency are the end goals, organizations would need a solution that is not only robust but unique as well. Customizing CRM tools has been in practice for many years now. So, the businesses would want to invest enough time and effort in not only procuring a great CRM software but also customizing each and every aspect of the tool to match their existing requirements. They should also measure the choice of CRM software depending upon their future plans, especially keeping in mind the kind of proliferation they anticipate in the coming years. When all the above mentioned aspects are blended together, it gives organizations a great CRM software. A software that would keep their customers excited and spread the good will through word-of-mouth,” said Bill Megelich.

Repeat business and word-of-the-mouth sales would help a small business set a differentiator in 2019. And the way to the customers’ heart runs through overall betterment and efficiency of the customer relationship process. Businesses need to stay steadfast in this important aspect,” concluded Bill Megelich.