How to Tell If Your House Is Infested By Pests: 5 Warning Signs to Watch Out For

How to Tell If Your House Is Infested By Pests: 5 Warning Signs to Watch Out For By Elton Dabney - July 28, 2021

Pest Control

Yearly, homeowners are spending a considerable amount of money just to get rid of the pests damaging their properties.
Most of the time, homeowners don’t have any idea that they are currently dealing with pest infestations until it is too late and these destructive creatures have made severe damage.  
So, if you are not sure whether pests are damaging your house, read on. Here is a list of warning signs of a pest infestation that you need to watch out for. 

1. Pest Dropping
Pest droppings are a common problem that homeowners see when they are experiencing pest infestation in their houses. With that in mind, check the spots in which pests are more likely to hide. Some of the spots include the basement, crawl spaces, attics, as well as behind the water heater. So, if you notice pest droppings especially in these areas, unfortunately, pests are infesting your house. 
You can tell what type of pests you need to eliminate based on the droppings’ size and shape. For instance, a rodent dropping is skinny or conical in shape. 

2. Damaged Plants or Vegetation
Did you know that pests can also cause damage outside your house? This is actually true. For instance, you might see distress marks as well as other damage to your vegetation and plants. On the other hand, when your grass looks uneven and full of brown and dead patches, pests might be contributing to this issue as well. Mice and rodents may also leave trails or burrows behind in the grasses. 

3. Holes and Crevices
Gaps in your home’s foundation and access points to your home and garage make it easier for unwanted pests to enter your house. As a matter of fact, even the smallest hole can temp pests to dig deeper and then burrow right into your house. This kind of activity can make a small pile of grime and other materials. That is why you need to keep an eye on the interior home design and exterior home design for this warning sign. 
In addition to that, since pests and even insects move around looking for mates, food and water, they might leave tracks showing their movements. And in fact, such tracks can be used to determine how these destructive creatures entered or exited your house.  

4. Strange Smells
When you notice a strange smell especially when you are in the basement or kitchen, it could be another warning sign that you are dealing with a pest infestation. Pests, in case you didn’t know, tend to leave strange odors.

Cockroaches have an oily smell. Mice, on the other hand, produce a musty urine smell. Further, the smell of garbage can attract pests as well. It means it’s also a warning sign. So, when you notice a strange or nasty smell in your home, track down the sources as soon as possible. 

6. Strange Noise
If you’re hearing strange sounds that come from your home, particularly at night, there is a possibility that you will need to invest in a pest control service. A strange sound like whining, squeaking, scuttling, or scratching is a sign that something destructive is thriving in your house. Usually, these sounds come from the attic or walls.

The moment you notice any of these warning signs, make sure to take action right away. Keep in mind that the longer you wait the more expensive and worse the problems will get. Loom for a reliable pest control service provider like to do that job so that you can rest knowing that your house is in good hands and that pests will be eliminated effectively and professionally. 

By Elton Dabney - July 28, 2021

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