The Majlis

  • 3 years   ago

The Majlis


A place where customs and traditions are maintained and passed on from generation to generation


The Majlis is a place for gathering, exchanging stories and entering into debates, discussions and friendly lively chat. It is a place where people pass on customs and traditions to their children, learn news of different cultures, talk about world affairs, find out about the welfare of one a not her and those in the community, and is considered a must have part of any home in the gulf region.


Within Qatar especially, it is known that the Majlis maintains the customs and traditions of this country, where the rules and etiquettes of hospitality, love and respect are passed on from generation to generation.


No boy can enter the traditions of The Majlis without knowing that complete respect to those who are elder is paramount, and that there is a decorum and protocol to every visit, whether within the family or outside.



Have you ever been part of majlis share your experience with us ?

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