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Ramadan kareem,

My company terminated me and saying they will give me an NOC when i found one company the issue they dont have available visa for lady and the NOC im holding is not a open NOC it is address only in One company. Now i am jobless and my RP is expired i couldnt go out the country because i have also debts in the bank and im blocked in the airport.

I ask for the last time to give me a release/noc cause i already find a new company and willing to change my sponsorship ASAP but my old company refuse to give my release/noc also they take my bataka and my passport is with them.

please i need a legal assistance for my issue cause im jobless and confuse. my RP is expired and also taken from old company as well my passport.

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    • ieltstoefl67
  • contact your embassy

    • 3 years   ago
    • Mukesh Jat
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