I saw dream in fajar, 100 people's washing Shiekh Khalifa Bin Hamad Al -Thani  dead body and he looking very happy mashallah . His body smelling very beautiful . I saw him very happy . I told about this my mom also, she told he is Good man, then I  thought to share with my friend

what if your manager or company will not give you holiday on eid what will happen pls help us thanks! 

Hi,  one of my friend working in a contracting company in qatar since 5 months. due to his family issues he took one week emergency leave to resolve the same. during his stay in his home town his passport is fully damaged and the same he is conveyed to his employer, and employe

Beware of money looting groups 

 Olives are among the oldest known cultivated trees in the world. They are a species specifically suited for a Mediterranean climate and are grown extensively along the Medite

The Mall of Qatar is a shopping center scheduled to open in 2016 in Al Rayyan near Doha, Qatar.

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  Expats in oil driven economies are facing heat of ongoing oil price slump.    Many big companies have laid off hundreds of workers while expat businessmen are facing debt related issues ar

The Majlis   A place where customs and traditions are maintained and passed on from generation to generation   The Majlis is a place for gathering, exchanging stories and entering into debates, discussions and friendly lively chat. It

Qatar has high economic development aspirations and resources to achieve them and it strongly believes in equal contribution of both sexes. Qatari women are highly educated, interested in having satisfying c

Qatari culture is assimilated with generosity & hospitality.  Qataris are known for their generosity and they usually show it by being courteous with each other.

Al Sarayat or Rawayih March is the first month of spring. From 20th of March locally know as Al Sarayat or Rawayih is about to begin during which sudden changes in weather occur 

In the most of Arab and Muslim countries, the left hand is considered "impure” using left hand for eating is regarded very unpleasant. You need to be very careful or else you may commit a major

Qatari Greetings  Qataris usually greet each other by shaking hands or kissing the person on either of his cheek in greetings.    

Hamad Airport  is stunning and spacious one of the best Airport's of World