Dear all, please help to me to exit Qatar  my passport no: L1364578 My qatar id no: 29035624308 My sponsor not letting me exit the Qatar. I request Qatar Government to help me for this issue   my contac

Agra, the famous historic city of Uttar Pradesh is known for its important monuments. These historical structures, which were made by different dynasties who ruled the region showcases an amazing mix of different architectural styles. Agra fort is one such historic building you should definite

its about our 2 way ticket that was booked in there ticketing office in al wakrah last September 2015. last February 24,2016 is our flight going back to Qatar, unfortunately something happened unexpected due to misunderstanding until we decided not to travel or go back to Qatar. Since the

Noor AL-Khaleej: is the premier provider of shade solutions under the sun. We manufacture and custom build Restaurant Canopies, Marquees, Swimming pool shades, Canopy tents, Lorry tarpaulins, Garden umbrellas, Wheel covers, Branded gazebos, Bouncing castles, School playground shades, Car parki

Hello, I arrived in qatar last march 2015 for work but suddenly i was hold in the airport and i was forced to sign a documents without english translation, I am a Filipino by the way: and deported to Abu Dhabi for a reason of a civil case been filed by my bank way back in 2010 but w

It is easy to become casual about remaining constantly creative, and it is also very challenging. Everyday life demands a lot of attention, and whatever your job happens to be, it will likely dominate a lot of your time

The internet is the realm of science and hi-tech innovation, but creativity is not always attributed to this massive field. However, adapting to changing markets and pre-empting the inevitable changes in communi

  The question is, “where does art come into and what does it have to say about the ways of the modern world? Modern art, such as the work of artist

  Art is not only valuable based on its function as a record of creative thought throughout history, but also because it remains one of the most honest forms of self-examination and analysis of the hum

  There are people who are built for success. The immediate challenges most people face in everyday life and business barely seem to register for them. They are always looking forward, their eyes seein

Robert Herjavec entered a new world where everyone spoke a language that he could not understand. His family lived with people who were strangers, and they all struggled to get to grips this new way of life. The boy did not know why they had left their home, bu

  The word brand is a comprehensive term. According to American Marketing Association, A brand is a name, term symbol or design, or a combination of them, which is intended to identify the goods or ser