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Cuisine : Food & Dining

Location : Ezdan Mall, Salwa

Contact No : 974-4467-8909

About The Restaurant

We have just had our first experience of Zaoq Restaurant and my goodness what a fantastic experience it was! The Restaurant is located on Salwa Road (don't let this put you off) and is clean, stylish and decorated with class and comfort. As we walked in the Restaurant was heaving with people which we always take as a good sign. The Restaurant is divided into 2 floors - the ground floor which has a great view of the chefs kitchen and a second which was perfect for families or private functions. 

We started off with a salad which refreshed our palate. After this we moved onto BBQ meats such as chicken, lamb chops and a specially done chicken on the bone. My goodness the flavours of this meat were exquisite! We were told that they are one of the only restaurants in Doha to use 100% fresh meat. This was evident in the flavours being adsorbed into our mouths.

We then tasted some specially done biryani rice and meat, chicken and lamb curry and various breads - the flavours were again out of this world. The blend of spices and herbs were a perfect marriage - a testament to the Chef and his team.

As we sat in the restaurant more and more people were queuing to get inside. Zaoq Restaurant is doing very well and the quality of the food will no doubt continue to bring people back.

If you love this cuisine then you won't find anywhere as good as this in Doha - Well done Zaoq Restaurant!