Yen Sushi Bar

Cuisine : Japanese Cuisine

Location : La Cigale Hot Bin Mahmoud

Contact No : 44288888

Time : 12:00 to Midnight

 The restaurant is in a ‘bar’ style, as the title suggests, with the chef in the middle preparing the sushi in front of you. Located in the corner of the ground floor food hall, the sushi bar is very smart and modern, albeit it small, addition to the numerous restaurants in its vicinity. The sushi itself is delicious– made with the freshest ingredients, and if this sushi doesn't make you melt, then i doubt any other will! Its not really a place to go for a sit down meal, due to the set up of the bar, more than a restaurant– but more of an informal night out. But don't despair– if you do want to experience what their sushi chef has to offer then you can order from the sushi menu in Le Central Restaurant on the 1st floor and at Skyview Bar.