The Irish Harp

Cuisine : Bar Food

Location : Sheraton Hotel, Sheraton R/a, Al Corniche

Contact No : 44854444

Time : 17:00- 03:00am

Definitely one of the most popular bars and places to go out in Doha. For those European’s living in Doha this is the closest place to home. Housed in the luxurious Sheraton Hotel which is a masterpiece of architecture in itself this is a great place for a night out. The restaurant / bar is mocked up to look like an Irish pub, with the dark wooden furniture and the busy bar serving Guinness and Lager it’s no wonder expats love this place. The food is well priced and consists of the usual fish and chips as well as more traditional dishes such as Irish smoked salmon. The ingredients are appetizing and well prepared and with live music playing in the evenings it makes a fun and entertaining evening out. A famous Irish saying sums this place up “A man takes a drink; the drink takes a drink; the drink takes the man”. Do remember, like with all bars in Doha, you are required to be a member of the bar first before you are allowed to enter.