Spice Market

Cuisine : South-east Asian Cuisine

Location : W Hotel, West Bay Doha, Qatar

Contact No : 4453 5000

Time : 12:00PM - 4:00PM/ 06:00 - Late

South East Asian Cuisine in a modern, trendy restaurant. As the largest restaurant in the hotel, Spice Market has a lot of competition to stand up to in Doha. Thankfully, as far as we can see its fighting its corner well and proving to have found its audience. As a restaurant by Jean-Georges Vongerichten, 3 starred Michellin chef and one of the most celebrated chefs on the planet (Jane Sigal, Food and Wine Magazine, 2005) it certainly has good roots. Offering up a generous menu of South East Asian cuisine, the concept behind the restaurant is that through the design and food you are transported into a Vietnamese street market, or a Thai food stall. The food is delicious and although we’re not sure how historically authentic some of the cuisine is for South East Asia, Jean– Georges has created a brilliant and innovative Asian fusion menu. When we visited the restaurant was about half full and the service as defiantly something to write home about. The design of the restaurant is a modern take on Asian décor– and it works. It is a big restaurant though, and we’re not sure how ’cozy’ it would feel if the restaurant weren't full. In early 2009 David Beckham and the rest of the AC Milan football team were spotted in the Spice Market . Well, if it’s good enough for them…!