Cuisine : Italian Cuisine

Location : The Ritz- Carlton Doha West Way Lagoon

Contact No : 44848000

Time : 18:30 - 23:00

 ‘Porcini’ - named after the infamous Italian mushroom ‘boletus edulis’ which many Italian chefs pride themselves as being the best mushroom in the world it is evident this restaurant is the same league. The Italian chefs are world class and their passion and love for the food is clearly visible. The presentation of the dishes are imaginative, risky and daring and for this they should get the praise they deserve. The restaurant is exclusive, with the impeccably placed utensils on the table to the well designed romantic lighting. It’s a great place for partners to go as the overall ambience is romantic and loving. It’s also ideal for friends and family to celebrate a special evening as we are confident that after one dines here, they shall remember it always