Cuisine : Mexican Cuisine

Location : Intercontinental Doha, West Bay

Contact No : 448444919

Time : 18:00 - 02:00

Tex - Mex & Bar.If you like Tex-Mex food, beer, a lively environment and live music then you’ll love eating and going out at Paloma’s! One of the best restaurants in the Intercon hotel and certainly one of the best places to go out for dancing and a lively ambience in Doha. We went to the restaurant in a large group which can always be a bit of a strain on a restaurant but we found Paloma’s coped well. Despite our drink order taking a little longer then we expected we found the food great. It was sizzling hot, well spiced and good sized portions. Due to the live Argentinean band playing, it made it hard to hear one another (as you may have gathered this is certainly not a place for a quiet romantic evening!) but they were good and helped make the atmosphere exciting. After our dinner, the dance floor provided a good chance to work off those calories we’d digested and what fun we had! A great place to spend an evening (from time to time….!) and definitely a welcomed addition in Doha’s attempt to create night life within the city!