Cuisine : Japanese Cuisine

Location : Souq Najid, Salwa Road

Contact No : 44322508 - 44322539

 We here at Dining in Doha are real fans of sushi – but only if it is done well, for sushi is not just about ingredients mixed and stuck together. Prepared and presented well, sushi can truly become a piece of art. We have visited Neo on several occasions and with every visit we have been impressed. Located on the busy Salwa Road, it is not the most beautiful or quiet of settings but this should not deter anyone from dining here. It means that the restaurant is accessible both for a sit down meal or for a takeaway. The sushi is to a good standard, perfectly presented with fresh fish and ingredients used. There is also a wide selection on offer ranging from Ebi Nigiri Sushi to Salmon Nigiri Sushi. For those of you that do not eat sushi, an international menu is also available. The real highlight of this restaurant has to be on Tuesday’s which is ‘Sushi night’ and offers an all you can eat menu – definitely an event that shouldn’t be missed!

Opening Times:




19:00 - Midnight