Cuisine : French Cuisine

Location : Ramada Plaza -hotel, Ramada Junction Salwa Road

Contact No : 44281428

Time : 18:00 - 23:00

 Maxim markets itself as one of Qatar’s most elegant and fine dining restaurants and ideal for those seeking a sophisticated, cultured and special night. The French cuisine is of a good high standard considering it is a French restaurant in the Middle East. Having recently had a well needed revovation, the soothing live music adds to the stylish and chic atmosphere. The menu consists of a la carte or a flambé menu meaning there is plenty to choose from and the home made bread simply leaves you wanting more. The restaurant has a strict dress code and men are expected to wear black tie (ties are available at the entrance should you require one!) and women are expected to dress appropriately. All this means that only a certain type of cliental makes it through the doors and due to its prices this restaurant won’t be for everyone – but for those that can or for those that simply want to treat themselves then it’s a great place to spend a night. Definatly one of our favourites in the Ramada.