Le Flore Moroccan Food & Sweets|Restaurant|Qatar Day

Le Flore Moroccan Food and Sweets

Cuisine : Arabic Cuisine

Location : Al Waab Street

Contact No : Phone: 44141811; Fax: 44311014

Rich in both its history and flavor, Moroccan cuisine is known to be the most exotic food worldwide. One of the reasons for its importance is its remarkable diversity of influences. In Moroccan dishes, one can trace the country’s long history of colonizers and immigrants who have left their mark in more than one way. In Leflore Moroccan Food and Sweets you will explore the exquisite taste of Morocco with subtle spices and fragrant flavours, in this traditional, yet contemporary and stylish venue in the exclusive streets of Doha. A unique and elegant journey, as authentic cuisine and ambience bring you the essence of Morocco only with Le Flore Moroccan Food and Sweets With Leflore…………. you will truly taste the true essence of Moroccan cuisines that you will “Love at first bit"