La Doice Vita Itallan Restaurant

Cuisine : Italian Cuisine

Location : Al Souq Street. Jasra

Contact No : 44367991

  La Dolce Vita is a cozy Italian joint tucked away off the main restaurant drag in Souk Wakif. There are a handful of tables inside, and more spilling out into a quiet alley of the souk. Close your eyes, however, and you would swear you were in a trattoria in Florence. Italian – not Arabic or English – is the language you’ll likely hear most. The sound of the language fills the air as diners chat with the restaurant’s owners. And the food? Well, that’s the reason for all the Italian you’re hearing.

La Dolce Vita has become a de facto Italian cultural centre, attracting that country’s expats hungry for a taste of home. Given that ‘Italian’ food most often appears in its globalised and Americanized incarnations, that says a lot about the kind of food you can expect. Prepare yourself for heaped servings of well-made, Italian standards. There are posher, and more inventive Italian restaurants in Doha, but La Dolce Vita succeeds in creating food and an atmosphere that’s relaxed, comfortable, and if you’re Italian, reminds you of home.

 Open Mon-Thu 12.30pm-3pm, 6pm-11pm; Fri-Sat 1pm-11pm; Sun 6pm-11pm