Hippopotamus Steak House

Cuisine : Steakhouse

Location : City Centre Doha

Contact No : 44115263

Time : 11:00 - Midnight

Housed by the entrance on the ground floor, it boasts one of the best locations in the mall. Instead of being cooped up inside with neon lighting and hundreds of shoppers everywhere, the location is secluded with many private areas. The décor is modern, clean and organized with tables neatly laid out. With a seating capacity of 150 people, it’s perfect for large parties or families. The food is good, good for a shopping mall anyway. Don’t expect the same standard of steak as you’d get in one of the hotels but what is served is good, honest food at a reasonable price. The burgers were tender and cooked to our choice but we found the bread that covered it slightly disappointing. With such delicious meat, it’s a shame to wrap it in bread normally associated with fast food restaurants. Saying this, the salads were excellent and generous too. Service was admirable and of great credit to the owners who had obviously chosen their staff well. This restaurant is still finding its feet but give it 6 months and we predict this will be one of the most popular places to catch a bite in the mall.