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Fairuz Restaurant

Cuisine : Arabic Food

Location : The Centre R/a

Contact No : Phone: 44441171; Mobile: 77325287; Fax: 44443393

Email : admin@alkhaleejiyagroup.com

 Our desire of renewal, diversity and development did not stop at this point, we kept seeking and investing all efforts and resources to achieve success after another. Therefore, we thought of an idea of a new style restaurant, a Lebanese one with the authentic Lebanese spirit. We had to be creative and prominent as we did in our previous restaurants to achieve our desired hope in development, progress and excellence and the result of all that was Fairuz Restaurant, Lebanese cuisine. The restaurant's decoration is wonderful impressing all its visitors and it quickly achieved a remarkable success with its uniqueness, elegance and authentic Lebanese style. By the first step into Fairuz restaurant, you will be overwhelmed by the atmosphere of old Lebanese cities and once you taste the food, even by its smell, you will be taken away into the ambience of the authentic Lebanese originality and generosity. That sense of uniqueness, delicious taste and the Lebanese music and songs of Fairuz or any other Lebanese or Arabic singers will not make you think of leaving your place, and the longer you stay there, the more you will love the place especially with its soft comfort sofas. That was the secret of the great success of Fairuz restaurant among other Lebanese restaurants in Qatar which considered a new addition to our precious successes. Our success kept running and so did our creativity and passion for diversity through our Arabic cultures, cuisines and glorious tradition, so there was another addition that still had to be made. After bringing the great Moroccan culture from the far Arabian west and the Lebanese beauty from the Arabian north-east to Qatar in the Middle East, we did not miss to bring another great old glorious Arabian civilization with one of the delicious tastes in the Arabic world to achieve the great combination that no one else did or will do like Al Khaleejiya Hospitality Services & Consultancies as it was the aim from the beginning.