Fairuz Express|Restaurant|Qatar Day

Fairuz Express

Cuisine : Arabic & Lebanese

Location : Matar Qadeem

Contact No : Phone: 44153465; Mobile:  70222001; Fax: 44153465

Email : maintenance@alkhaleejiyagroup.com

After this great success and the big increase in customers and their orders, the need to fulfill their demands plus other orders for staff meals from major governmental and non governmental bodies and companies was a must, so we had to add another addition to our group to face the huge growing demand. As Fairuz restaurant was getting the biggest share of these demands, we decided to establish Fairuz Express Kitchen (traditional food) to be able to provide our services for different events, occasions and corporate catering in addition to the traditional Qatari cuisine. This enabled us to serve the following: 1) Moroccan cuisine (Tajin Restaurant) 2) Chinese cuisine (Soy Restaurant) 3) Lebanese cuisine (Fairuz Restaurant) 4) Egyptian cuisine (Al Mandarah Restaurant) 5) Qatari cuisine (Fairuz Express Kitchen) 6) The ability to serve a big selection of all the above (Mix Buffet) (Moroccan – Egyptian - Lebanese – Chinese - Qatari) The service that cannot be found except in our company Khaleejiya Hospitality Services & Consultancies, the excellence the company sought since the beginning.