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Casa Paco

Cuisine : Food & Dining

Location : The Pearl

Contact No : +974-40027944

Dishes served at Casa Paco

Andalou's Egg, Arros Con Leche, Banana Split, Calamares A La Plancha Pasta, Caramelized Pineapple Jucie, Chorizo, Chorizo Orientale Pizza, Coca Cola, Coca Light, Coconut Kiss Juice, Cream Catalana, Creamy Coquillettes with Slice Of Turkey Pasta, Crispy Eggs, Daurda with Garlic and Pimento Pasta, Degustation Tapas, Ensaladia Russa, Exotic Fruits Cocktails, Fried Calamari, Fried Fish, Fried Fish Pasta, Fromage Orientale Pizza, Fromage Pizza, Fromage Pizza Del Mar, Fruit Coktails Sunrise, Gambas A La Placha Pasta, Garlic Gambas, Garlic and Tomato Bread, Glaces and Sorbets, Grilled Mini Sausage, Grilled Sardines Pasta  More »