Bistro Bistro

Cuisine : Mediterranean Cuisine

Location : Ramada-plaza Hotel, Ramada Junction, Salwa Road

Contact No : 44281428

Time : 6:00 - 23:00 Daily

 If you’ve a powerful imagination then the floral curtains, woodern shutters and pictures of the Eiffel Tower may trick you into thinking you’re in the streets of Paris, the food on the other hand will not. Whilst the food is acceptable, it is certainly not to the standard we were hoping from this 5 star hotel. On offer are fresh niciose salads, onion soups au gratin and a wide selection of bagels making it ideal for a lunch setting. The staff are friendly and welcoming and are all to happy to explain the dishes and ingredients on the menu. Dotted around the restaurant are lots of middle aged women lunching over a coffee and a bagel and with such an honest and inviting setting we wish we could join them on a regular basis!