Belgian Cafe

Cuisine : International Cuisine

Location : Inter Continental Hotel, West Bay

Contact No : +974 44844954

Time : 18:00 - 2:00AM

 Wow! What a breath of fresh air the Intercontinental Hotel has produced with their newest restaurant Belgian Cafe. With outlets already in New York, London and Melbourne - this infamous brand had a lot to live up to with its Doha outlet. And so it has, the decor - dark wood, old black and white posters, wooden tables and chairs gives the impression of a European pub although we are told they are strictly a restaurant and not a pub. The restaurant is a good size with several different areas to sit in. But where this places really shines is in its food and drink. The food - mussel pots, chunky fries, meatballs are utterly fantastic! Beautifully flavoured, well cooked and a good price also. If you're a fan of beer, you'll love this place. With specially imported beer, the brands and flavours range from the traditional style ale to strawberry flavoured! It really was a breath of fresh air going to the Belgian Cafe and in our opinion exactly what Doha needed.