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Cuisine : Food & Dining

Location : Al Jasra Boutique Hotel

Contact No : +974-44336666

About The Restaurant

Traditional Moroccan dishes presented in a contemporary style. Situated in Al Jasra Boutique Hotel in Souq Waqif, Argan is an alluring restaurant set to tease the senses through the amazing blend of spices, flavours, colours and music. A rich décor and dining experience is guaranteed.

When we went to review this restaurant at lunch time, we were seriously impressed. The decor was authentic, friendly and impressive - with beautifully coloured furniture and decor it could have easily been set in the heart of Morocco. The food was equally as impressive - we had the Harira Soup and beef liver salad for starters. The soup was flavoured and seasoned to perfection whilst the salad was refreshing. 

Main course, we opted for lamb tagine. The lamb was as we expected - succulent, tasty and just fell off the bone. We could not fault the food here one bit. The official description of this restaurant says that is 'an alluring restaurant set to tease the senses through the amazing blend of spices' and for us, they delivered with this.

The service also deserves to be mentioned as we find it isn't always up to par in Doha. But here the staff were not only friendly but happy to explain the menu. They were more than content to explain the differences between food from the North and South and respectively how they vary. You could see the staff were happy to share their knowledge with you, which made the dining far more interesting and enjoyable. 

Overall, Argan is a great place to go with friends, family or colleagues who want an authentic Moroccan experience.

Is it the best Moroccan Restaurant in Doha? At this moment in time, we think so!