Al Shami Home Restaurant

Cuisine : Arabic Cuisine

Location : C Ring Road & Salwa Road

Contact No : +974 44433666

Time : 7:00 - Midnight

 Well one doesn’t get more Arabic and rustic as this Al Shami. Located beside a busy road (making parking an issue) one soon forgets the location and admires what this restaurant offers and stands for. The Arabic section is in the form of a tent featuring a marble fountain as well as other traditional nick knacks and is simply wonderful to look at. The restaurant is extremely popular amongst the Qatari’s, all in their national dress and smoking on their apple flavored shisha’s – making it a good place to dine if you want to experience eating out ‘Arabic style’. The food itself is sensationally good – the lamb chops are tasty and well seasoned, the fish is fresh and the salads are generous in their portions. It can get smoky in this restaurant so won’t be for all, but for those wanting a more traditional place to eat and mingle with the locals, then this restaurant should definitely be added to the list.