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Al Majless Restaurant

Cuisine : Arabic & Lebanese

Location : Al Sadd

Contact No : Phone: 44447417; Fax: 44447416

Time : 7.00 AM - 1.00 AM

"We have a Banquet & Party Catering which can be arranged outside our Restaurant for a maximum number of 1500 Persons. Catering Services to be agreed upon with Restaurant Management for a minimum of 30 Persons. The Restaurant can Prepare Arabic style whole Lamb with rice & deliver to desired location in and around Doha. Our Restaurant is ready to deliver your favourite food at your doorstep."

This is a bit of a strange restaurant - if you didn't know it was housed here, it would be very easy to miss. It's tucked away in the busy streets of Al Sadd - amongst the electronic and clothes shops - so certainly not a picturesque location! It's decor is simply and old style - whether it is designed to be like this or simply hasn't had a face lift in years I do not know but in a way it's quite inviting. There is the option to sit at a table or on the floor - which we opt for. The service was very good and we didn't have to wait long for our drinks or food. The food itself was pleasant again - not spectacular but certainly edible. The shrimp salad was fresh tasting and full of flavour and the rice was well seasoned. It's not a restaurant we'd go back to again in a hurry but if you fancy something a bit different, an Arabic experience or some good take-away food then why not give this restaurant a try.