Al Khaima Restaurant

Cuisine : Middle Eastern Cuisine

Location : Al Saad Street

Contact No : +974 44446962

Time : 24 Hours

Contact Person: Manager


Working Days: 7 Days


Middle Eastern Restaurant · Family Style Restaurant




All Kind of Foods





This restaurant offers customers a pleasant atmosphere whilst dining. The décor is typically Middle Eastern which makes it a good place for people visiting Doha. The family section has a grand; stained glass ceiling framed by a hand painting sky of clouds. The ambience of dining here is topped off by the quality and price of the food. With lamb kebabs, chicken cordon bleu and fresh salads on offer, we found that there was food that catered for all our tastes. The prices are reasonable making it a good place to take the family and the fact that the restaurant is open 24 hours it makes it an ideal place if you’ve been out for a few drinks and are in need of some good food.