Al Dana

Cuisine : International Cuisine

Location : Sharq Village And Spa

Contact No : +974 44256666

Time : 18:00 - 23:00

 Located in the prestigious Al Sharq Village and Spa operated by The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, this venue provides one of the best places to dine in the city. From the moment you enter, luxury and personal attention is given to you. This restaurant has both an inside area and an outdoor terrace for diners to enjoy. With a menu consisting of a blend between French, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine - there really is food for everyone’s tastes. The fois gras here is excellent and can be pan fried, salted or foamed. This will not be to everyone’s taste of course but with a menu consisting of fresh fish, meats and even sushi one cannot go wrong. Whether you choose to dine inside or out the quality of the décor is evident. We preferred dining outside where the warm sea air created a sooth, peaceful and eloquent setting. Dining here does not come cheap but if you’ve got the Riyals or need to impress then Al Dana may just be what you are looking for.