Al Bandar

Cuisine : Arabic & Lebanese

Location : Souq Waqif Jasra

Contact No : 44311818

Time : 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Al Bandar Group of Restaurants consists of three levels at the newly renovated Souq Waqif, giving you the most ideal and spectacular view of the central city of Doha. Fish Market Restaurant on the ground floor serves delicious Sea Food harvested from Far East to Far West. Albandar specializes in Oriental, Lebanese and Syrian dishes. offers special and delicious chicken, meat and Fish Tandoori dishes, accompanied by a sumptuous all you can eat open salad and soup buffet on the second level with open tarraces. The Coffee Shop on the roof top feasts your eyes with mouthwatering French Sweets served ith International types of coffee embellished with Unique Sea and Landscapes.