Al Adhamiyah Iraqi Restaurant

Cuisine : Iraqi Cuisine

Location : Souq Waqif

Contact No : Tel: 4432 4326

Time : 11:00 - Midnight

 One of our favorite restaurants in Souq Waqif and certainly one of the most popular amongst residents in Doha. In fact, if you’re visiting Doha on vacation or business, this is one of those ‘must experience’ restaurants—where else in Doha can you taste true rustic Iraqi food? A word of warning however—the cuisine won’t be for everyone’s tastes buds and we advise you to ask the waiter to explain what you are ordering first. The portions are huge and you’d be doing well if you manage to finish your meal. The lamb was cooked well and rice was seasoned well. The ‘dolma’s’ were not to everyone’s taste but those that did like them said they were good and well done. The service is excellent and the waiters are always more then happy to assist you. With both an upstairs area and an outdoor shisha area, this really is an exciting restaurant to go to—the Souq is,in our opinion, all the better for housing such as restaurant.