COVID-19: Pakistani-American doctor gets a 'thank you' parade

  • 3 months   ago
COVID-19: Pakistani-American doctor gets a 'thank you' parade

He created a setting-connection modus that allowed one ventilator to ventilate seven patients at a time.

Since the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, ventilators have been in short supply globally.

Dr. Saud Anwar, a Pakistani-American lung doctor at Manchester Memorial Hospital invented a setting-connection modus in the US that allows seven patients to be ventilated at the same time from one ventilator.

On April 10, residents in South Windsor were so grateful for his contribution during the pandemic that they surprised Dr. Anwar with a convoy of cars that paraded by his house to express their gratitude.

Residents used placards to convey their messages and complimentary remarks such as: 'Dr Saud Anwar, your heroism inspires us!' 'Thank you', 'Thank you for your heroism'.

People inside the cars were seen applauding and waving. Dr. Anwar waved them back to thank and acknowledge them. He got emotional during the surprise parade, and mentioned that the surprise made him feel very blessed as he has been living in isolation due to his nature of work.


Soon after the kind gesture by residents, Dr Anwar shared a video on his facebook timeline with the caption: "Thank you to all the people who came in today to surprise me. I am truly humbled and overwhelmed with the love that you have all shown. I feel blessed to be part of the community and also work with the finest group of health care workers that I love and respect. #ViralKindness"

His sister Bushra Anwar commented on his post expressing how blessed she is to have him as her brother and that he is well deserving of the recognition.

Apart from being a medical professional, Dr. Anwar serves as Chair of the Department of Internal Medicine of Eastern CT Health Network. Additionally he is currently serving as Mayor of the Town of South Windsor, CT.

According to Dr. Anwar, the four-piece splitter has been used in the most severe cases, like the 2017 Las Vegas shooting. He stated that "the doctor over there was smart enough, he was actually able to coordinate things and then put as many people on a ventilator to save as many lives as he could and buy time".

Dr. Anwar is involved in global humanitarian and peace initiatives, he consults for government and has organized medical missions for disaster relief. Previously his efforts have been recognized at the state and federal levels and by numerous organizations.