Coronavirus hospital admissions in England halve to 9,000 a day, says NHS boss

  • 4 months   ago
The number of patients being hospitalised with coronavirus in England has halved since the pandemic's peak.
At the height of the crisis just a few weeks ago, this figure stood at 19,000.
NHS chief executive Simon Stevens told the Daily Mail just over 9,000 patients are now being treated for the deadly bug each day.
Although the health boss warns that the country still has a "difficult path ahead", he also revealed that admissions are now falling by 2,000 a week.
Describing the coronavirus crisis as the biggest test to face the NHS in its entire 71-year history, Sir Simon says "hard work and careful preparation" and the actions of the UK public have stopped the health service from becoming overwhelmed.
"While in the past some have accused the NHS of being inflexible and monolithic, when the virus struck, our nurses, doctors, therapists, engineers, scientists and countless other staff rolled up their sleeves and set about transforming care in a way unimaginable at the start of the year," he said.
Sir Simon is now encouraging patients who need treatment for other illnesses not to delay seeking help.
"Whether you are a worried parent of a sick child, or you or a loved one have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, seek help as you always would," he continued.
The NHS chief executive is among the tens of thousands of Brits to have caught the highly contagious virus.
Although he is among the majority who have recovered, he added his family has lost two people close to it because of the virus.
It comes as the UK death toll from coronavirus reached 33,998 today after the Department for Health confirmed a further 384 people lost their lives today.
The latest figure includes those who died in hospitals, as well as fatalities in care homes and private residences.
A 15-year-old child was the youngest victim in England among the latest hospital casualties, while a 30-year-old with no known underlying health conditions also died after contracting the virus.
A further 3,560 people had tested positive for the virus by 9am this morning, with the overall number of diagnosed cases reaching 236,711.
The Government's top advisory group has also warned that the 'R' rate of infections is rising and could be close to one.
The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) said the UK reproduction number for the coronavirus is now between 0.7 and one, having risen from 0.5 and 0.9 last week.
If the R is higher than one, then the rate of infection will rise across the UK, while if it is lower than one, then the outbreak will shrink.
The research was carried out by six research groups and suggested that cases in care homes and hospitals accounted for a greater proportion of cases than last week.
Wide variations in the 'R' rate between regions have emerged, with it as low as 0.4 in London, but as high as 0.8 in other areas.
The planned reopening schools at the start of June, which is concerning unions, is dependent on the 'R' figure being under control.

Source: Mirror