Qatari students did not drop out of education due to Covid-19 pandemic: Dr Al-Sulaiti

  • 1 month ago
This year, the International Day of Education on January 24 was marked through Visual Communication Technology, under the slogan “Restoring and revitalizing education for the Covid-19 generation”.
The occasion was held in cooperation with the UNESCO Office in Doha and the College of the North Atlantic, with the participation of the Educational Guidance Department at the Ministry of Education, and schools Affiliated with UNESCO, the UNICEF Doha office, the Tunisian National Committee, the Omani National Committee, Qatar University, and the Education Above All Foundation.
Dr. Hamda Hassan Al-Sulaiti, Secretary-General of the Qatari National Commission for Education, Culture and Science said at the opening of the ceremony, “It is my pleasure at the outset to welcome you the most beautiful welcome in this virtual meeting to celebrate the International Day of Education” 
The pandemic has caused the largest disruption in the education system in history right from closure of schools, universities and educational institutions disturbing about 1.6 billion students in more than 190 countries around the world, affecting 94% of students in the world, a rate that rises to 99% in low- and middle-income countries.
Al-Sulaiti explained that the world has gone through and is now going through challenges at the level of the educational process in particular, due to the many challenges created by this pandemic, the most important of which was the difficulty of direct teaching to students. 
Therefore, many countries in the world, including Qatar, have turned to the “distance learning” system, since the announcement of the closure of all schools and universities on the tenth of March last year, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education has put in place many plans and effective alternatives for different levels and classes to ensure that students continue their education and not fail to complete their school year.
According to the local Arabic press Dr Al-Sulati said, “We do not have students who have dropped out of education - whether governmental or private - starting from kindergarten to high school and university education, and that since the beginning of the crisis, the distance education phase has started for all students in all stages in addition to students with special needs. Together with this, the Ministry launched the distance learning portal, and provided an electronic platform that allows students easy access to learning resources, educational videos and a lot of varied and constantly updated content.”
During her speech, the Secretary-General of the Qatari National Commission for Education, Culture and Science emphasized that this pandemic clearly highlighted the utmost importance of intensifying international cooperation and solidarity and concerting efforts more than ever before, and working for education and preparation to face future crises, and the various educational systems must adopt innovative methods and strategies to employ and invest in modern technology and the shift towards digital learning through the distance education system.
On her part, Dr. Anna Pollini, Director of the UNESCO Office in Doha, said, under the slogan “Restoring and revitalizing education for the Covid-19 generation,” a plan has been drawn up to celebrate the International Day of Education, which is divided into three main sections: champions of learning, innovations and financing. The global event will highlight international cooperation and solidarity to make education and lifelong learning the core of disaster recovery measures. ”
"Today we are shining the spotlight on the tremendous awareness and dedication shown by all those who work so that no one remains behind during this pandemic," Pollini added.
“We are calling for education to be a top priority in recovery efforts as a public and global good, and where we are today highlighting innovations that pave the way towards establishing more flexible and comprehensive educational systems. We appeal to states and their officials to provide an education recovery package with adequate funding in order to respond to the scale of the crisis that has been exacerbated by inequality in this aspect in many countries around the world,” she noted.
Dr Pollini added, "We in the State of Qatar are fortunate to have a strong and flexible educational system that works quickly and efficiently to ensure that learners continue to learn at the start of the pandemic while ensuring health and well-being not only for students, but for teachers, parents and communities alike."
It is noteworthy that the celebration of the International Day of Education - which falls on January 24 of each year is the culmination of the world's will to improve education standards and eradicate illiteracy. The celebration aims every year to improve the quality of education, and to affirm the role of all concerned parties, including high-level political officials or citizens, states and associations, teachers and parents - each at his level - to make the right to education a reality for all children