Why do you need a travel insurance?

  • 1 year ago
Why do you need a travel insurance?

If you are a travel lover and you are willing to prepare for every big trip, travel insurance might not be a strange term in your dictionary. When you are travelling, especially overseas, it is incumbent upon you to take out a travel insurance. It will somehow ensure you the best vacation ever. There are a wide range of reasons for having it for your own trip. In this article, you will find out 7 important reasons why you need to bring a travel insurance with you. You will know the importance of travel insurance in your holiday and thanks to it, you will always remember to buy a travel insurance before going. 

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a type of insurances that is intended to cover the costs and losses of trip cancellation or interruption, medical expenses, flight accidents and so on during your travelling. Travel insurance can be a useful protection for travelling both domestically and internationally. It is highly recommended by experienced travellers to buy whenever you spend such a long time in different places that are far from your home. 



On the market nowadays, there are a lot of international travel insurance packages for people to choose depending on their personal demands. The main categories of travel insurance usually contain baggage and personal effects coverage, trip interruption or cancellation, medical expenses and accidental coverage. Some travel policies also offer customers many more benefits such as rental cars, rented equipment or a ransom payment. And of course, the price of these packages are a little bit higher than the normal ones. However, people should be wise enough to distinguish between the bad and the good insurance companies to buy the right package for themselves. 


Reasons that travel insurance is a must for your trip
Cancellation and re-scheduled flights 
You have spent a lot of money for your holiday but some members in your family get sick. It is unpredictable that noone wants to have. Then, you have to defer your trip until a different date in the future. Another example is that your flight is cancelled due to weather or technical issues and strikes, which can lead you to miss your desired vacation. In these situations, you can claim for a refund if you buy a travel insurance. As a result, you will not be over budget. 
Medical cover
Noone wants to be injured during their trip. However, in some bad situations, you may face some unexpected accidents and you have to go to the hospital. It is the time when you need to show your health insurance card. Nevertheless, some health insurance policies do not cover you in different nations. Therefore, you will have to pay a large amount of money for medical emergencies. 
With travel insurance, you are ensured for losses due to covered medical emergencies that occur during your trip. And you can also save money and time to experience new things in your vacation. 
Support in remote areas
If you are visiting or doing voluntary works in some rural areas in a different country where medical facilities are at low quality, you may need a travel insurance to cover these expenses for you. The cost of an emergency in these situations may be thousands of dollars, which can somehow ruin your along-waited days in that place. Thus, so as to avoid dangerous cases, you may need a travel insurance along with you. Thanks to it, even minor accidents can be covered and you do not need to fly back to your home country. 
Replacement of stolen or lost luggage
Everyday you read newspapers and see some tourists losing their luggage and individual items. It is understandable as pickpockets and robberies are very common in big cities and holiday resorts, especially during the peak season when there are a lot of people go travelling. Perhaps you go around the city to find back your things but it is really hard to get success. Then, you will have to replace your passport and other travel documents. You will have to buy new clothes, personal items and borrow money from others. 
However, if you bring a travel insurance with you, all the expenses above will be reimbursed. Make sure to read the policy document carefully to know how much you are covered for your loss. And do not forget to call the police in the nation you visit to tell them about your problems because most of the travel insurances only refund expenses with an official police report.
Stress-free car hire
Travelling in a different place means you have to hire a lot of things for accomodation and transportation. If you want to go to your favorite destination that is far from your hotel, you will have to rent a car. In case you are involved in an accident, you will still have to pay expenses in spite of not causing it. The more serious your accident is, the more money you must pay for it. 
With travel insurance, you do not need to worry about this problem. The insurance company will take care of unexpected financial expense for you. Therefore, you can totally enjoy your trip with your family.
Affordable travel insurance
Not everyone wants to buy a travel insurance because of worrying about the price they have to pay for it. However, there are so many reasonable travel insurances on the market which can still ensure you a great holiday with insurance benefits. There are multiple coverage options for people to pick for their long-awaited trip and their budget. Thus, people should know well about the features of their trip to buy the right type of travel insurances for them and their family. 
Peace of mind for personal liability
Of all the reasons listed above, this may be the most important reason for you to buy a travel insurance. It often takes you a number of days to plan for your holiday in terms of destinations, necessary items as well as money. You may not know what will happen to you during your long-awaited trip. Therefore, purchasing a travel insurance will give you a better peace of mind and let you recoup your losses against some unpredictable eventualities. 
All in all, travel insurance is so necessary for everyone during their trip for 7 reasons listed above. In order to protect yourself and your family from unpredictable eventualities, you should prepare travel insurances for the whole family. By doing this, not only can you enjoy the every memorable moment in your holiday, but you can also save a large amount of money for unwanted things.