Travel to the wonderful UK

  • 2 months   ago

Even though the Coronavirus has resulted in travel restrictions all over the world, we can still dream of traveling again. Although you cannot travel to every country.

Exploring London

A direct flight from Malta to London takes 7 hours and 30 minutes, and you can explore the wonders of the thriving capital. The multicultural city is one of the most visited places in the world, because of its vibrance, culture and dining. A must see in London is Hyde Park, which is not only known for its beauty but also for its history. There has been several protests and demonstrations in this Park, and every week protestors and performances come to the park for the Speaker’s Corner. If you are more interested in the nature than politics, you can still come and enjoy a picnic, while you watch the swans and Londoners taking a stroll. 

Another must see is Camden, which is in North London. Probably most known for Camden Market, this neighbourhood is known for the alternative Londoners, who come and buy vintage clothing or even get tattoos and piercings. Take a walk through the several clothing stands and enjoy some of the delicious food nearby. 

If you are talking about delicious food, you need to go to Brick Lane or China Town, the former being the Bangladeshi community in London. Not only can you find delicious curry in Brick Lane, but you can also enjoy a drink at one of many trendy bars. Chinatown is located between Soho and Leicester Square, whichis not difficult to spot considering the Chinese lanterns. Here, you find a variety of delicious Chinese food, with everything from noodles to dumplings. Don’t miss it!


The wonderful cities

London is a worthy travel destination on its own, but the UK also has a lot of other great places to visit. The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, is a wonderfully cultural and historical city with attractions like Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace. Perhaps you want more of the beach rather than rain. In that case you need to visit Brighton, famously known for the pier, which also has a massive theme park. 

If you decide to travel to the UK, please make sure to check all travel guidelines from the UK government before your flight.

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