Travel Guide: 10 Important Things to Know When Travelling to Qatar This Pandemic

  • 2 months   ago

So, you want to return to Qatar after the country has finally lifted its travel ban implemented in March due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Did you know that there are new policies to follow prior to and upon arrival in Qatar? Here are the 10 important things to know when coming back to Qatar during the pandemic:

1. Low-risk Countries for COVID-19

2. Exceptional Entry Permit to Qatar

  • From 1 August, pre-approved Qatar ID (QID) resident permit holders will be able to apply to travel to Qatar. You will need to obtain an Exceptional Entry Permit to enter Qatar by applying through the Qatar Portal

3. Ehteraz Application

  • The holder of the Exceptional Entry Permit to Qatar must download EHTERAZ application upon arrival in Qatar. To know more about the changing of Ehteraz status or QR Health Code colors upon returning to Qatar, check here.

Read more at: Everything You Need to Know About EHTERAZ App 

4. Self-Funded Welcome Home Package

(from countries NOT included in the list of low-risk for COVID-19)

Once you received your Exceptional Entry Permit to Qatar, you will have to take the following options:

You will either be required to self-isolate at home for a period of 7 days, or go into a self funded quarantine for 7 days, followed by 7 days self-isolation at home. 

This option is suitable for domestic staff, company sponsored and other workers who normally live in shared accommodation, and therefore will be unable to self-isolate in their own home for 7 nights, after completing the 7 nights self-funded quarantine. This will enable them to complete a mandatory 14 night quarantine period.

For tips to travel on a low budget, read: How to Return to Qatar on a Low Budget: Quarantine package as low as QAR 105 per day!

To book a Welcome Home Package, visit Discover Qatar and Qatar Airways Holidays websites.

5. Home Quarantine

  • Arrivals to the State of Qatar from low-risk countries are required to sign a formal pledge to adhere to quarantine at home for a week (7days).
  • Those who are from countries NOT included in the list of low-risk for COVID-19 and who took  7-night self-funded quarantine packages in 3, 4 or 5 star hotel accommodation, are required to self-isolate at home for a period of 7 days.
  • MoPH has identified some categories eligible for home quarantine for a week, regardless of the country from which they arrived. Check the list of those who can directly undergo home quarantine and the home quarantine rules here.

6. Mandatory Covid-19 Test to Enter Qatar

  • Regardless of the country of origin, the traveller must conduct COVID-19 test in an approved hospital (if any) within a period not exceeding 48 hours from the date of departure.
  • Submit a hard copy of the examination certificate upon arrival in Hamad International Airport
  • In the case the COVID test is not conducted in the departure country, the test will be conducted at the airport upon arrival.
  • For other countries, if your result is positive, you will be directed for isolation, and if it is negative, a compulsory period of one week is spent in the quarantine hotel. For full details, check here.

7. Mandatory Covid-19 Negative Result to Travel via Qatar Airways

  • Starting August 13, Qatar Airways will require people travelling from some specific airports in some countries to present a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR  medical test result when checking in. Check the list of countries and testing centres here

8. Qatar Airways Mobile App New Features

  • Qatar Airways adds new features to its mobile application to simplify travel planning, help minimise physical contact and interactions throughout their journey. Members of Qatar Airways Privilege Club will earn 1,000 Qmiles when they download the mobile app. To know more about the app’s newly added features, read more here.

9. No fees due to RP expiry for residents outside Qatar

  • Ministry of Interior (MoI) announce that residents who are outside the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic are exempted from fees resulting from the expiry of their Residence Permits (RP) or exceeding 6 months stay outside the country.

10. National Address

  • The registration of the National Address in Qatar is compulsory and required for QID holders to access several other government services. 
  • Residents who are staying abroad for a long time and are coming back after the grace period will have to register as soon as they enter Qatar. To register, click here.

It is essential for you to be aware of all of the above points to have a smooth travel back to Qatar and avoid delays, or even penalties.

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