Top 5 National Parks of the World to Visit Before You Die

  • 2 years   ago

For a nature and wildlife lovers, there is not a better place to find solace than in national parks. Our planet earth is full of diversities in flora and fauna and such multifaceted face of nature is best showcased by national parks around the world. There are several private jet rental services to help you reach many of these places in quick time and savour the experience. But making the must visit list of national parks around the world is a challenging task. Here we go with a shortlist of top 5 National Parks you must visit Before you die.


Yosemite National Park, USA

Regarded to be one of the most pristine national parks with unperturbed ebb and flow of nature, Yosemite today stands as a must visit attraction in the America. It is the ultimate place to find solace in the groove of nature with soothing spectres of wildflowers, crystal blue water lakes, snow capped peaks, dark woods and a rare variety of birds. Yosemite is the most beautiful national park for a typical laid back camping experience in the wild open nature.

Iguazu National Park, Argentina/Brazil

The whole South America offers many of the world’s most coveted national parks including the Amazon rainforest but nothing really equals the Iguazu National Park which is located on the Argentina/Brazil border. It is world famous for having the biggest waterfall of the globe and most spectacular wildlife. The jaw dropping spectre of the Iguazu falls punching its roaring water deep in the gorge will make a unforgettable memory. The unique wildlife variety around the falls sprawling across miles is equally revealing. The falls attracting millions of tourists all over the world is also popular for spotting a variety of migratory birds all around.

Göreme National Park, Turkey

This is a unique national park with a very coveted world heritage within it. Nestled in the Cappadocia of Turkey this sprawling national park and Unesco World Heritage site is famous for the thousands of rocky ancient homes standing for millenniums. These homes which are built like caves with some attributes of civilised livelihood like the fairy fairy chimneys looks really something straight out of a forgotten chapter of history. There are several famous cave homes that are known for their ancient Byzantine frescoes. The entire underneath offers a sprawling city structure that survived for centuries.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

If you are looking for a national park rich in wildlife, there is none better than Serengeti. Serengeti National Park sprawling over 5,700 square miles in the northern part of Tanzania boasts of the richest variety of wildlife. The spectre of thousands of wild animals roaming over miles of grasslands offers a spectre straight out of an episode of National Geographic or Animal Planet. Take a jeep safari to watch the hordes of lions and encounter their ferocious attack on the beasts of prey from close distance.


This national park apart from offering abounding natural beauty boasts of several natural wonders like the peculiar rock formations, gigantic hot springs and trees common to both deserts and alpine forests. Sprawling over 2.2 million acres of land this American national park offers a bucket full of picturesque spectres ranging from explosive hot water springs to eye-soothing crystal blue lakes to dense forests to craggy peaks and a rich reserve of wild animals.